Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Testing Process

I received a question from a reader who asked "Is there a test involved in becoming a Dispatcher?"

Yes, depending on the agency, there are tests involved in becoming a Dispatcher. Most government agencies begin with a written examination. These examinations are often to test general skills such as reading, writing, and vocabulary.

Once the applicant has passed the written exam, the agency should call or send a letter to let the applicant know when to return for a practical examiniation. A practical examination could be said to be a "hands on" examination. Some agencies use computers for this, to give the most realistic to the job sort of test. Other agencies still use flash cards, audio cassette recorders, and matching sorts of games - very similar to testing the skills of an elementary school child.

If you can pass the practical exam, then most often the you will be invited back for an oral interview. Often this consists of two or more department representitives who ask the candidate a series of questions. At entry level, these questions are not necessarily difficult. Often, they revolve around geography, scenarios, and the candidates ability to follow orders or make split second decisions.

Finally, a list comes out. The agency can pick from the top three candidates, or they can go in order of the list. At this point, the agency normally goes full force into background investigations. In the mean time, the division leader will do final interviews, normally one on one interviews, and discuss job offers.

I hope this answers your question on the testing process. Thank you for following this blog.

Monday, November 2, 2009

How To Become A Dispatcher

Hi ! I have been in the business of Emergency Services Administration for over a decade. Ask me anything about becoming an Emergency Dispatch Operator (911 operator). It is a fun job that can make a lot of money, if you have the ability to multi-task and make split-second decisions.